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Cartier Jacques

Cartier Jacques (14911557)

Discovered and claimed Canada for France. He was the first who described and mapped the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the shores of the Saint Lawrence River, which he named "The Country of Canada(s)", as was so called both Iroquoian big settlements he saw in Stadaconna (Quebec City) and in Hochelaga (Montreal Island). The closing quarter of the... More...

France, 1934, Jaques Cartier

France, 1934, Jaques Cartier

France, 1984, Jaques Cartier

France, 2008, Grande Hermine

Guinea, 2001, Jacques Cartier

Guinea, 2008, Jacques Cartier

Guinea, 2008, Jacues Cartier

Guinea, 2008, Cartier monument in Montreal

Guinea Bissau, 1981, Jacues Cartier

Korea Nord, 1987, Jacques Cartier, Grande Hermine

Laos, 1983, Jacques Cartier, Grande Hermine

Marshall Islands, 2000, Grande Hermine

Marshall Islands, 2008, Grande Hermine

St. Pierre and Miquelon, 1970, Jacques Cartier

Virgin Islands, 1991, Cartier discovering the St. Lawrence

France, 1984.04.20, St. Malo. Jaques Cartier


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