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My name is Dmitry Karasyuk, I was born in 1968 and I live in Ekaterinburg, Russia. I am a journalist.

I began collect stamps, when I was 10 years old. For today among my philatelic interests - chronology of France and the Great Britain (with islands), and also collections on themes: Literature, History of Russia, History of France. 1789-1815, Paris, Beer, Pirates and robbers.

I repeatedly took a part in philately exhibitions.

From 1998 I am engaged in drawing up of philatelic thematic catalogues. I made the catalogue Life and reading of Alexandr Pushkin. In the end of 2003 was printed my catalogue Napoleon Bonaparte and its epoch (publishing by the Ural university, circulation of 100 copies). The catalogue has been awarded the big gold medal at an inter-regional exhibition The Big Urals-2003, the vermeil medals at the All-Russia exhibition Russia 2004, the All-Russia exhibition Mail and philately (2005), the European exhibition Brno 2005 and world stamp exibition WIPA'08, big silver medals on world stamp exhibitions Saint Petersbourg 2007 and Praga 2008, big vermeil medal on exibition pf philatelic literature LIPSIA 2007 in Leipzig. But now I think, that today thematical catalogues in the Internet are more accessible to collectors, than typographical variants. Result of these reflections is in this site.

Yours faithfully,

Dmitry Karasyuk.

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