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The catalogue is very thorough and filled with superb information for anyone who desires such material for research. I wish to commend you for your collaboration on this book. You have, therefore, played an important role in promotion Napoleonic History. The International Napoleonic Society thank you for your great contributions to Napoleonic history.

Ben Weider, CM, CQ, SBStJ, PhD, President of The International Napoleonic Society

Hello! I found your page. Very good and detailed collection.

Jose Tomas Buitrago, Colombia

I have looked your site: it is admired, you have created that I dreamed to make. I was interested with your catalogue about Napoleon, even in Russian.

Michel Paul, Rousson, France

It was very impressive when, looking for Camoens on internet, I found your website. Congratulations for your personnal interest on philately and your well-done catalogue.

I am camonist and interested on everything about Camoens and really I was wondered on seeing the fad on presentation of your catalogue. Congratulations once more.

Ademar Araujo, Luso-brasilian Camonist

I found your website spectacular, mainly the literature part. What a good idea!
Antonio Carvalho, Coimbra, Portugal

Your site is very exciting! I made a fast tour of your site and recognized stamps which I never saw before!

Nicolas Stehle, France

Your catalogue is certainly a worth while project and I wish you the best of luck with it.

The Rev. Dr. Garner Scott Odell

Tonight, while browsing on the internet I found your website/catalogue on the theme of Children's Literature. I have been collecting this theme since 1972 and have worked as a children's librarian in the school system since 1982. It is very nice to have found another collector of this topic and to be able to sit down and read what you have written. I know of only one other person who collected this theme and she has had to give it up because of poor health. There use to be a Folk and Fairy Tale Study Group as part of the American Topical Association but they folded quite a few years ago and they were really only interested in Fairy Tales.

I haven't had time to read all your pages but look forward to spending some time during the Christmas holidays reading your pages and adding to my knowledge.

Rob McGuinness, Canada

Dmitry, what a wonderful and informative website you have created. I am the editor of another Napoléon website which you might want to visit Napoleonic Age Philatelists. Thanks!

Ken Berry, United States

I appreciate your work for your website - very useful and nice! I'd like to explore with you whatever we might decide to do in common.

Dorin Cojocariu

I hope you dont mind me writing but I wondered if you would be able to help. Im a freelance writer and have been commissioned by the UK Stamp and Coin Mart magazine to write a short piece on Napoleon on stamps. I wondered if you would be prepared to provide some stamp images for illustration of the article. I would be happy to provide a link and description of your website within the feature.

Thank you for reading my email any help you could provide would be fantastic.

Karen (Foy)

While searching the internet for some philatelic illustrations I stumbled upon your internet-site and was amazed: You did some fine work and I was very glad (and lucky) to find your site. As I am currently working on an article on Karl May for a german philatelic magazine (Briefmarken Spiegel) I would like to ask you if I could show some of the postmarks on Karl May you posted on your site as illustrations - of course I would name you as the source and could also mention your internet-site if you like.I am looking forward to hear from you soon, with kind regards from Göttingen,

Udo Angerstein is looking good!

Idan Legami


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