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Pinto Fernão Mendes

Pinto Fernão Mendes (1509—1583)

Portuguese traveler and pirat. For some 20 years he traveled in Africa and Asia, journeying to far places and experiencing great hardships, including years as a slave. His account, Peregrinação [wanderings] (1614), is one of the most colorful narratives of world travel literature. Its truthfulness has been questioned, but there is now general agreement that the story is merely exaggerated.

France, 2009, Fernao Mendes Pinto & Vasco da Gama

Macao, 1951, Fernao Mendes Pinto

Macao, 1951, Fernao Mendes Pinto

Portugal, 1980, Pinto in Japan

Portugal, 1980, Sea Battle

Portugal, 2010, Fernao Mendes Pinto


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