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Cabral Pedro Alvarez
(about 1467about 1520)

Cabral Pedro Alvarez (about 1467about 1520)

Pedro Álvares Cabral was a Portuguese navigator and explorer. Cabral is generally regarded as the European discoverer of Brazil (22 April 1500). He is thought to have been born in Belmonte, in the Beira Baixa province of Portugal. He was the third son of Fernão Cabral (c. 1427-c. 1492), Governor of Beira and Belmonte, and Isabel de... More...

Guinea Bissau, 1987, Cabral disembarking at Bahia

Laos, 1983, Pedro Cabral, El Ray

Macao, 1968, Cabral monument in Lisbon

Macao, 1968, Cabral monument in Belmonte

Mozambique, 1968, Erecting the Cross at Porto Sequro

Mozambique, 1968, First mission service in Brazil

Mozambique, 1968, Church of Grace, Santarem

Panama, 1968, Cabral's Ships

Portugal, 1945, Pedro Cabral

Portugal, 1969, Medal of Jeronimos Monastery

Portugal, 1969, Cabral's arms

Portugal, 1969, Cabral's Fleet

Portugal, 1992, Pedro Cabral

Portugal, 2000, Native Indians

Portugal, 2000, Indians watching Cabral's fleet

Portugal, 2000, Ship's crew and sails

Portugal, 2000, Meeting of Indians and Sailors

Portuguese Guinea, 1968, Cabral's Arms

Sao Tome e Principe, 1968, Medal of Jeronimos Monastery

Timor, 1968, Map of Brazil, 1519


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