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Cocco Bill

Cocco Bill

Cocco Bill is an Italian comics character by Benito Jacovitti. Cocco Bill is a parody Western comic. He is a hot-tempered gunslinger who drinks chamomile tea. When he enters in saloons and orders a chamomile, typically some cowboy will laugh, making Cocco Bill upset. In the end the poor guy will get slapped in the face. Despite this, Cocco Bill is a very good guy, and always helps sheriffs to capture criminals.

Cocco Bill's horse is called Trottalemme: it reasons like humans and also smokes cigarettes.

As in most Jacovitti's comics, the page is full of strange things: you can typically find salami (sometimes with legs) all around the place, fish bones, worms with legs and hats, horses with only two legs with a rider with four legs.

Italy, 2009, Cocco Bill

San-Marino, 1997, Cocco Bill

Italy, 2009.10.23, Rome. Cocco Bill


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