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El Capitán Trueno

El Capitán Trueno

El Capitán Trueno (lit. "Captain Thunder") is the hero of a series of Spanish comic books, created in 1956 by the writer Víctor Mora and illustrated mainly by Miguel Ambrosio Zaragoza (Ambrós). The comics were published continuously between 1956 and 1968, eventually becoming the most popular Spanish hero comic of all times: at its height it sold more than 170,000 copies every week.

El Capitán Trueno is a 12th-century knight-errant, assisted by his faithful companions the cunning adolescent Crispín and the huge gourmandizer Goliath. His eternal dame is Sigrid of Thule, an energetic Viking princess who takes part in many of the adventures of the trio. In successive books, Capitán Trueno and his friends travel the whole world enforcing justice and freedom against bullies and tyrants, never using more violence than necessary.

Part of the comic books have also been published in several Latin American countries, Greece, Portugal, and France.

The series suffered some limited censorship during the dictatorship. Censors were concerned, for example, that Capitán Trueno and Sigrid were traveling around the world unburdened by matrimonial ties (vínculos matrimoniales).

He was sung about by Asfalto, in their eponymous 1978 debut album and by Spanish pop veteran Miguel Bose in his song "El Hijo del Capitan Trueno" (Captain Thunder's Son) from the album Sereno released in 2001.

Spain, 1995, El Capitán Trueno

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