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Roberto Alcázar and Pedrín

Roberto Alcázar and Pedrín

The adventures of Roberto Alcázar and Pedrín began at the Editorial Valenciana, in Spain, in 1940. The illustrations were by Eduardo Vañó and the scriptwriter of the first episodes was Juan Bautista Puerto Belda, founder of the company, who soon gave way to other scriptwriters like Jordán Jover, Federico Amorós, Pedro Quesada and Vicente Tortajada.

In the first strip of the series, Roberto Alcázar is presented as a journalist and intrepid adventurer who travels to Argentina on a transatlantic ship. During the voyage he discovers a stowaway: Pedrín, a young boy who he adopts as his assistant. Some years later, Roberto goes to work as an Interpol agent, and his adventures acquire a cosmopolitan character, being narrated from the most remote countries in the world.

The serial became one of the longest published, and it is always noted for the quality of the scripts and the genius of the dialogues.

Spain, 2000, Roberto Alcázar and Pedrín

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