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Nippur from Lagash (Nippur de Lagash)

Nippur from Lagash (Nippur de Lagash)

Nippur de Lagash is an Argentine historic comic series set on the XXIII century BCE (according to the short chronology), about a fictional homonym warrior of Sumer, created by comic strip writer Robin Wood and drawn by Lucho Olivera. It was published on D'Artagnan and later Nippur Magnum comic books from 1967 to 1998, and is considered as one of the most important in the Argentine comics. His given name comes from the ancient city of Nippur, where his parents were born, while he acquired the epithet "from Lagash" after leaving his home city, Lagash, in forced exile. His adventures, loosely framed on actual history, start when Nippur, a general of Lagash, is forced to escape from Mesopotamia after its invasion, carried out by Lugal-Zage-Si. He then wanders around the bronze age known world, the Middle East and east Mediterranean, before taking part to the akkadian conquest of the Fertile Crescent. He thus become king of Lagash, but choose to abdicate and comes back to travel.

Paraguay, 2004, Nippur from Lagash


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