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Tif and Tondu

Tif and Tondu

Tif et Tondu (Tif and Tondu) is a Belgian comic strip originally created, written and drawn by Fernand Dineur. Several artists and writers have worked on the series but the most popular version is that drawn by Will, with writers Maurice Rosy, Maurice Tillieux and Stephen Desberg. The strip first started in 1938 and lasted just one year short of its 60th birthday.

Tif and Tondu are adventurers and detectives who solve cases around the world, from the United States to the Congo. The central irony of the series' title was that the two friends had names which actually better suited the other:

Tif is French slang for "hair" yet the character is bald-headed and clean-shaven. He also tends to be more reckless and has an eye for the ladies.

Tondu is the French for "shaven" but he wears thick hair and beard. He is also more level-headed and is the brains of the partnership. He often takes up journalism when short of money.

Belgium, 1999, Tif and Tondu


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