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Picasso Pablo

Picasso Pablo  (1881—1973)

Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain and moved to Paris in 1900 where he lived for a long time. He was the founder of the abstract movement in 20th-century art. When he arrived in Paris he first fell into an artistic atmosphere of poetic melancholy. In his so-called Blue Period (1902-1904) he created sad images of beggars and derelicts, the... More...

Laos, 1989, The Tragedy (Poor on Seashore)

Laos, 1989, Motherhood

Laos, 1989, Portrait of Jose Sabartes

Laos, 1989, Harlequin and his companion

Laos, 1989, Boy with a Dog

Laos, 1989, Girl on Ball

Laos, 1989, Woman of Majorca


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