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Vigée-Lebrun Elizabeth

Vigée-Lebrun Elizabeth(17551842)

One of the most prolific and popular artists of her day, Elizabeth Vigee-Lebrun served as portraitist to Marie-Antoinette, a close friend. She was much sought after by the aristocracy of France for her portrait work. As a Royalist, she fled France at the outset of the revolution. She lived in exile for twelve years, and finally returned to France under the rule of Napoleon. While traveling around Europe in exile, she became a member of the Academies of Rome, Florence, Bologna, St. Petersburg, and Berlin. Her body of work includes over 600 portraits, including a self portrait, 200 landscape sketches, and 15 large compositions.

Ajman, 1972, Marie-Antoinette

Belgium, 1944, Andre Erneste Modeste Grety, composer

Burundi, 1968, Lady Folding A Letter

Chad, 1971, Marie-Antoinette

Chad, 1971, Madame Du Barry

Chad, 2001, Marie-Antoinette

Chad, 2001, Marie-Antoinette

Coo Islands, 1985, Madam Vigee-Lebrun with daughter

Coo Islands, 1985, Madam Vigee-Lebrun with daughter

Dubai, 1968, Madam Vigee-Lebrun with daughter

France, 1953, Madam Vigee-Lebrun with daughter

France, 2002, Self-Portrait

Gambia, 1993, Madam Vigee-Lebrun with daughter

Jordan, 1974, Madam Vigee-Lebrun with daughter

Maldives, 2000, Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI

Maldives, 2003, Alexander Kurakin

Paraguay, 1967, Portrait of a Boy in Red

Rumania, 1969, Portrait of Mme D'Aguessea

Rwanda, 1975, Madam Vigee-Lebrun with daughter

Sierra Leone, 1989, Marie-Antoinette, Notre Dame de Paris

Sierra Leone, 2003, Baroness Anna Sergeevna Stroganova and Her Son Sergey

Sierra Leone, 2003, Count G. I.Tchernyshov Holding a Mask

Sierra Leone, 2003, Self-Portrait of Vigée-Lebrun

Sierra Leone, 2003, Portrait of Baron Stroganoff

St. Lucia, 1981, Self-Portrait of Vigée-Lebrun

France, 2002.10.12, Paris. Elisabeth Vigee Lebrun

France, 2002, Elisabeth Vigee Lebrun


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