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Le Barbier Jean-Jacques-François

Like other artists of his time, Jean-Jacques François Le Barbier rejected the lighthearted grace of the Rococo in favor of the straightforward severity of Neoclassicism. His subjects, often vignettes from Greek and Roman mythology and history, served as illustrations for the newfound morality and patriotism of the French during and after the Revolution. In this work, the characters enact a Spartan womans traditional farewell to a departing warrior, "Return with your shield or on it." All elements of the painting reinforce its message: the babies playing with the warriors lance allude to Spartan military training, which began in infancy. The simplicity of the stone-walled interior underscores the austerity of Spartan existence, while the dog is both a symbol of fidelity and a reference to the famed dogs of Sparta.

Benin, 1989, Storming the Bastille, french stamp

Central African Republic, 1989, Declaration of Rights of Man

Cote dIvoire, 1989, Bastille and detail of Declaration of Rights of Man

France, 1989, Declaration of Rights of Man

Ghana, 1989, Declaration of Human Rights

Mozambique, 1989, Declaration of Human Rights

Nicaragua, 1989, La Marseillaise

Vanuatu, 1989, Revolt of French troops, Nancy,1790

USSR, 1989, International Philatelic Exhibition PHILEXFRANCE'89


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