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Carnot Lazare Nicolas Marguerite

Carnot Lazare Nicolas Marguerite  (1753—1823)

Lazare Nicolas Marguerite Carnot was a French politician and mathematician. He is best know for his role as "Organizer of Victory" in the French Revolutionary Wars. Born at Nolay, he was educated in Burgundy, and obtained a commission in the engineer corps of the Prince de Condй. Although in the army, he continued his mathematical studies in... More...

Central African Republic, 1989, General Carnot

France, 1950, Lazare Carnot

Madagaskar, 1989, Convent

France, Lislle, post on bul. Carnot

France, Nantes, post office on av. Carnot

France, 1989.06.22, Nolay. Carnot

France, 1989.06.25, Nolay. Carnot


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