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Monge Gaspard

Monge Gaspard (1746-1818)

French chemist, mathematician, and physicist. With Lavoisier, he performed experiments to determine the composition of water. He was a specialist in three dimensional geometry, and invented three views now standard in mechanical drawing. He was the first to consider the isosceles tetrahedron (Altshiller-Court 1979, p. 300). His important treatise Géométrie descriptive was withheld for publication initially in the interests of national security. He was one of the founders of the École Polytechnique, and a close friend of Berthollet. He was also a counselor and friend of Napoleon.

France, 1953, Gaspard Monge

France, 1990, Gaspard Monge

San-Marino, 2000, Gaspard Monge and Napoleon

France, Paris-29, post office on rue Monge

France, 1953.07.09, Beaune. Monge

France, 1990.10.13, Beaune. Monge


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