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National Gaurd founded

National Gaurd founded

The National Guard (French: la Garde nationale) was the name given at the time of the French Revolution to the militias formed in each city, in imitation of the National Guard created in Paris. It was a military force separate from the regular army. Initially under the command of the Marquis de Lafayette, then briefly under the Marquis de Mandat,... More...

Central African Republic, 1989, General Carnot

Comoren Islands, 1989, General Kellerman and Battle of Valmy

France, 1991, Mounted gendarme

Gabon, 1989, Soldier and Sans-culotte

Ghana, 1989, Regiment standart, 1789, French infantry-man

Ghana, 1989, Revolutionary standart, 1789, and pistol

Guinea Bissau, 1989, An Officer swears Alligeance to the Constitution

Lesotho, 1989, General

Lesotho, 1989, Infantry

Lesotho, 1989, Grenadier

Lesotho, 1989, Cavalry

Lesotho, 1989, Hussar

Lesotho, 1989, Marine

Lesotho, 1989, National Guard

Lesotho, 1989, Admiral

Maldives, 1990, An Officer swears Alligeance to the Constitution

Sierra Leone, 1989, Revolutionaries in Paris

France, 1991.06.01, Paris. Gendarme

France, 2004, Ensign of Revolution. 1790


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