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Victories of revolution army

Victories of revolution army

The French Revolutionary Wars began in 1792. France declared war on Austria on 20 April 1792. But Prussia and other powers had allied themselves with Austria in the expectation of conflict, and thus France faced a coalition and not a single power at the moment when the "emigration", the ferment of the Revolution, and want of material and of funds... More...

Albania, 1989, Arc de Triomphe

Belgium, 1993, Battle of Neerwinden (1793)

Central African Republic, 1989, General Demouriez and Battle of Jemappes

Comoren Islands, 1989, General Kellerman and Battle of Valmy

France, 1971, Battle of Valmy

France, 1989, General Kellermann

France, 1995, Statue of Volontaire de l’an II in Remiremont

France, 2006, Valmy

Ghana, 1989, Departure of the volonteers in 1792

Madagaskar, 1989, La Marseillaise

France, 1971.09.18, Valmy. Battle of Valmy


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