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Law of the Suspect. The Reign of Terror

Law of the Suspect. The Reign of Terror

The Law of Suspects is a term which is used to refer to an enactment passed on 17 September 1793 during the course of the French Revolution. It allowed for the creation of revolutionary tribunals to try those who were suspected of treason against the Republic and to punish those convicted with death. The corollary of this was that both enforcement... More...

Comoren Islands, 1989, Dr. Guillotin and Guillotine

France, 1984, Monument of Girondins of Republic

Jersey, 1983, Incident in the French Revolution

Monaco, 1997, Honore III

France, 2006, Sidrerie of Terrorie, Bretagne

France, 2009, Gironde — treasures of terroir


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