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Ferdinand Guillemardet

Series: Bicentenary of Louvre Museum

Ferdinand Guillemardet

St. Vincent, 1993, $ 1. 12 (1/4). multicoloured

Michel: 2381
Scott: 1781h
Stanley Gibbons: 2239
Yvert et Tellier: 1694

Goya's portrait of Ferdinand Guillemardet, France's ambassador to Spain from 1798 to 1800, mirrors the self-confidence of the young republic the sitter represented. The colors of France, which feature on the ambassador's scarf and cocked hat, allowed the artist to use a bright palette. In this painting, Goya the portraitist shows himself worthy of being Velázquez's sucessor.

Artists: Goya Francisco

Plots: Guillemardet Ferdinand

Ferdinand Guillemardet
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