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I like to drink beer. I understand, that in this feelings I am not lonely — millions of people all over the world divides my love. However, even a few to differ from others, I have decided to prove the love to beer — I create the catalogue of the philatelic materials, devoted to beer. There are more materials, as can seem at first sight.

As a result my catalogue consists of following sections:

1. History of beer. There are any materials, concerning history of a beer.

2. Famous beer’s people. Worthy hits here were considered not simply fans of beer (them too much), or those who writhed about beer in his works (such too more than enough), but only those, who were personally involved in manufacture of beer (for example, worked in brewery), or promoted popularization of beer (for example, scientists, in his books proved utility of beer).

3. Manufacture and consumption of beer. Here all is clear from the name. In subitems the marks, devoted to hop - to the basic raw material of brewers, and stamps with images of pubs and burs.

4. Grades of beer. In this section those have got not only the stamps directly devoted to various grades, but materials with locations of breweries (first of all there are the Belgian monasteries).

5. Beer cities. Certainly, people are drink beer all over the world, but there are some cities, in which specially go to drink its beer. Many of them associate in mass consciousness with brewing.

6. Beer in works of art. Special comments is not required.

The catalogue finally is not generated yet.

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