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Sheikhdom (1995 pop. 118,812), c.100 sq mi (260 sq km), part of the federation of seven United Arab Emirates, SE Arabia, primarily on the Persian Gulf. The smallest member of the federation, Ajman consists principally of a town (1995 pop. 118,812) of the same name and two mountain villages. A former British protectorate, it joined the United Arab Emirates in 1971. Ajman has little industry or agriculture and depends heavily on aid from other Persian Gulf countries.

1971, Town Hall

1971, Montelbaanstoren Tower

1971, Munich, football players

1971, Olympic Village

1971, Panorame of Munich

1971, The New Town Hall

1971, Theatine Church

1971, Plan of Olympic Stadium

1971, The Doctor and his Patient

1971, Nymphenburger palace

1971, China Pagoda in English Garden

1971, Central Train Station

1971, Löwenbräu Pavilion

1971, Angel of Peace

1971, German Museum

1971, Karlplatz

1971, Maximilianeum

1971, Viktualien market

1971, Octoberfest

1971, New City Hall

1971, Frauenkirche

1971, Clock on the New City Hall

1971, Monument of Ludwig I in Munich

1971, Wittelshacherbrunnen

1971, National Theatre

1971, Propileus

1971, Nymphenburger palace

1971, Glyptothek

1971, Schleissheim Palace

1971, Nymphenburger palace

1971, Olympic Stadium


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