Napoleon Bonaparte and his epoch
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Napoleon Bonaparte and his epoch

Napoleon Bonaparte and his epoch

Napoleon Bonaparte - one of the most well-known and popular people in history of mankind. About him thousand books are written, tens films are made, he is an idol for millions people. Philately, or a collecting of post stamps, is a hobby with them can compete by popularity, probably, only Napoleon. It would be strange, if two these areas (napoleonika and philately) were not crossed. And actually, to Napoleon are devoted hundreds stamps of many countries. Nevertheless till now there was not the uniform philatelic catalogue devoted to such rich and interesting theme, as napoleonika. The present site is handbook for everyone, who is interested by reflection of the person of Napoleon Bonaparte and events of its epoch in philately. In total in the catalogue are described more than 4500 stamps, blocks, postmarks, envelopes and postcards of more than 200 states of the world from 1849 to 2005. However because of grandiose scale of this figure the turned out materials can be interesting and to the collectors specializing on other themes, - painting, the military form, the ships, cities and many other things.

Some words about structure of the catalogue. It consists of eight sections.

1. The philatelic materials, that devoted actually to Napoleon Bonaparte - his images, monuments to him, memorial places, stamps and postmarks on which his name.

2. Private life of Napoleon. In this section are materials, which devoted to Ajaccio - Bonaparte's native city, to members of his family and to his women. The list of people is made according to the Russian alphabet.

3. Bonaparte's battles biography. Philatelic materials, which devoted (or indirectly devoted) by battles which the French army had under command of Napoleon - from Toulon to Waterloo. Under materials, devoted to battles indirectly, I mean stamps on which are represented views of cities or the architectural constructions, which have become by witnesses of battles of the beginning of XIX century.

4. Supporters of Napoleon. This section consists of three parts. First, it is the people, that battled under banners of Napoleon. Secondly, it is samples of the military form of the French army. Thirdly, it is statesmen of the periods of the Directory, Consulate and Empire. The list of people is made according to the Russian alphabet.

5. Opponents of Napoleon. In this section are only those historic figures who directly participated in struggle against the French armies. They are grouped not by nationalities, but by the countries under which banners they took part in resistance to Napoleon. The countries are located in Russian alphabetic order: Austria, England, Egypt, Spain, the Caribbean islands, the Malta, the Papal States, Prussia, Russia, France (antinapoleonic opposition). The list of people is made according to the Russian alphabet.

6. Stay of Napoleon on St Elena island.

7. Monuments and museums. In this section are monuments and the constructions devoted not to persons (they are in sections 3 and 4) and not to to battles (its are in section 2), but to the whole wars. An example of such constructions are the Triumphal arch in Moscow and the Narva gate in St.-Petersburg, devoted to all War of 1812. Images of the museums, devoted to war of 1812, are also here. The list of places and people is made according to the Russian alphabet.

8. Paris of Napoleon Bonaparte. The most part of a life of Emperor is connected with the French capital. Many places in Paris reminds of Napoleon. Therefore such section in the catalogue seems to me quite logical. In this section are images of the Parisian monuments and buildings which are directly connected with Bonaparte's biography. The list of places is made according to the Russian alphabet.

I am sorry, that a translations of the Russian texts are not everywhere.

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