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Devis Arthur William

Devis Arthur William  (17621822)

English painter, born on 10 August 1762. His father Arthur (171187) was a successful painter of portraits and conversation pieces. This artistic background prompted young Arthur's choice of profession. He enrolled at the Royal Academy schools at the age of 12 and was exhibiting at the Royal Academy from 1775. In 1782, he embarked aboard the... More...

Bahamas, 2005, A pair of 1801 pattern Tower Sea Service Pistols

Bahamas, 2005, Royal Marine of 1805

Bahamas, 2005, Nelson's HMS Boreas in the Bahamas 1787

Bahamas, 2005, Death of admiral Nelson

Bahamas, 2005, HMS Victory

Bahamas, 2005, Achille surrendering to HMS Polyphemus

Ghana, 2006, Death of Lord Nelson

Gibraltar, 2005, Death of Nelson

Gibraltar, 2005, Death of Nelson

Isle of Man, 2005, Fall of Nelson

Jersey, 2005, HMS Victory

Micronesia, 2005, Death of admiral Nelson

Solomon Islands, 2005, Death of admiral Nelson

Tuvalu, 2005, Battle of Trafalgar; Admiral Nelson


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