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Franque Jean-Pierre

French painter. He and his twin brother, Joseph-Boniface Franque (17741833), who was also a painter, were the sons of a modest farmer and, according to a local story, their youthful talent was such that the provincial government paid for them to study in Grenoble. They enrolled at the Ecole Gratuite in Grenoble and stayed for about two years... More...

Cambodge, 1992, De Bougainville, ship La Boudeuse

New Hebrides, 1968, Bougainville and flowers

New Hebrides, 1968, Bougainville and flowers

Papua New Guinea, 1999, Bougainville

Samoa, 1968, Bougainville and Compass Rose

Samoa, 1987, Louis-Antoine Bougainville

Solomon Islands, 1972, Bougainville and La Boudeuse

St. Helena Island, 1986, de Bougainville, La Boudeuse

Vanuatu, 1999, Bougainville, La Boudeuse

Wallis & Futuna, 1973, Bougainville, La Boudeuse


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