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Tomsky () Nikolay Vasilievich

Tomsky () Nikolay Vasilievich  (19001984)

Russian sculptor. He studied at the Art and Industrial Technical College in Leningrad (now St Petersburg) from 1923 to 1927 under Vsevolod Lishev (1877-1960). From 1927 to 1930 he was involved in the restoration of the decorative and monumental sculpture of St Petersburg's classical buildings. His work developed the tradition of the 19th-century Russian school of sculpture and his monumental works combine political ideals with historical and patriotic themes. Expressive gesture and carefully modelled shapes are typical characteristics. Examples of his work include the monument to the World War II commander I. D. Chernyakhovsky (bronze, 1950; Vilnius), several monuments to V. I. Lenin (e.g. 1977; Tashkent) and the monument to Mikhail Lomonosov (bronze, 1953) in front of Moscow University. He also sculpted numerous portraits, gradually intensifying the plastic expressiveness of his modelling, for example of the artist Diego Rivera (bronze, 1956; Moscow, Tret'yakov Gal.) and of the Oldest Flower Grower in Georgia, M. Mamulashvili (bronze, 1957; Irkutsk, A. Mus.), and he produced monumental reliefs, such as the frieze Defence, Work and Rest (reinforced concrete, 1940; St Petersburg, Sov. House). From 1949 to 1984 he taught at the V. I. Surikov Art Institute, Moscow, and from 1968 to 1983 he was President of the USSR Academy of Arts.

Russia, 1995, Mikhail Kutuzov, sculpture Soldiers

USSR, 1980, Kutuzov Monument (in right ring)

Russia, 2000, Birth Centenary of sculptor Tomsky

USSR, 1973, Borodino museum

USSR, 1975, Kutuzov monument in Moskow

USSR, 1987, 175th anniv of Borodino battle

USSR, 1990, Panorama Borodino Battle, monument of Kutuzov

Russia, 1995.05.06, Museum-Panorama Borodino Battle, statue of Kutuzov

USSR, 1978.01.09, Museum-Panorama Borodino Battle

USSR, 1978.12.22, Kutuzov monument in Moskow

USSR, 1982.09.23, Museum-Panorama Borodino Battle


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