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Ducis Jean-Louis

Jean-Louis Ducis, French painter. About 1795 he entered the studio of Jacques-Louis David, where he was a member of the group of artists from southern France known as the parti aristocratique (Pierre Révoil, Fleury Richard, comte Auguste de Forbin, and François-Marius Granet), who were among the first to paint small-scale pictures of French history. Ducis remained a friend of Granet throughout his life. He exhibited regularly in the Salon between 1804 and 1838, winning a medal for history painting in 1808. He rapidly acquired a considerable reputation with scenes of sentimental mythology such as Orpheus and Eurydice (1808), in part due to his links with the poet Jean-François Ducis (his uncle) and with his brother-in-law, the actor François Joseph Talma. Ducis exhibited Talmas Débuts at the Salon of 1831. Josephine and her daughter Hortense were among his patrons; at Malmaison the Empress owned four portraits by Ducis of children, probably the two youngest sons of Hortense and the elder daughters of her son, Eugène Beauharnais. For Napoléon Ducis executed a stiff composition, halfway between a group portrait and a history painting, Napoléon et sa Famille à Saint-Cloud (1810). In 1811 he stayed in Naples, where he painted portraits of the royal family.

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Gabon, 1969, Napoleon as an uncle

Korea Nord, 1984, Louis XVIII

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