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Alderney, 1985, South Hampshire Redgiment, 1810

Andorra (french post), 1980, Napoleon I, King of Italy

Australia, 1963/1965, Admiral King and Mermaid

Australia, 1963/1965, Philip King

Australia, 1970, Lachlan Macquarie

Australia, 1986, George III

Australia, 1999, Philip King

Guernsey, 1969, Arms of Sark and George III

Guernsey, 1969, Isaak Brock as colonel

Guernsey, 1969, Sir Isaac Brock as Major-General

Guernsey, 1969, Sir Isaac Brock as Ensign

Guernsey, 1969, Arms and Flags

Guernsey, 1971, Arms of Sark and George III

Guernsey, 1974/1976, Private, East Regt., 1815

Guernsey, 1974/1976, Gunner Officer, 1815

Guernsey, 1974/1976, Royal Guernsey Cavalry, 1814

Guernsey, 1980, Maj.-Gen Le Marchant

Guernsey, 1980, Admiral Lord De Somares

Guernsey, 1982, HMS Crescent (1793)

Guernsey, 1986, Scaudron off Nargue Island (HMS Victory)

Guernsey, 1986, Battle of the Nile. 1798

Guernsey, 1986, Battle of St. Vincent. 1797

Guernsey, 1986, HMS Crescent off Sherbourg. 1793

Guernsey, 1986, HMS Russel in Battle of the Saints

Guernsey, 1996, Maj.-Gen Brock on Horseback. 1812

Guernsey, 1999, Maj.-Gen Le Marchant and Cadet

Guernsey, 1999, Duke of York

Isle of Man, 1979, John Quilliam seized by Press Gang

Isle of Man, 1979, Steering HMS Victory, Battle of Trafalgar

Isle of Man, 1979, John Quilliam and HMS Spencer

Isle of Man, 1979, Captain John Quilliam (members of the House of Keys)

Isle of Man, 1981, Lt. Mark Wilks and Peel Castle

Isle of Man, 1981, Ensign Mark Wilks and Fort St. George, Madras

Isle of Man, 1981, Governor Mark Wilks and Napoleon, St. Helena

Isle of Man, 1981, Col. Mark Wilks and Estate, Kirby

Isle of Man, 1989, Willem Bligh and Old Church, Onchan

Isle of Man, 1989, Bligh and Loyal Crew cast Adrift

Isle of Man, 1989, Pitcairn islands 1989 Stamp

Isle of Man, 1996, Cat near Brandenburg Gate

Isle of Man, 2000, John Quilliam and Lord Nelson, Battle of Trafalgar

Isle of Man, 2000, Ensign Caesar Bakon and Duke of Wellington, Battle of Waterloo

Italy, 1957, Pauline Borghese as Venus

Italy, 2000, Battle of Marengo

Jersey, 1973, Stamp with Napoleon III

Jersey, 1976, D'Auvern and Long Island Landing

Jersey, 1987, HMS Racehorse and HMS Carcass

Jersey, 1987, HMS Alarm on Fire, Rhode Island (1777)

Jersey, 1987, HMS Arethusa wrecked off Ushant (1779)

Jersey, 1987, HMS Rattlesnake, stranded on Isle of Trinidad (1782)

Jersey, 1987, Mont Orgueil Castle and fishing boat

Jersey, 1989, Philippe D'Auvergne presented to Louis XVI

Jersey, 1989, Auvergne's Headquarters at Mont Orgueil, 1795

Jersey, 1991, Prince's Tower La Hogue Bie

Jersey, 1991, Auvergne's Arrest in Paris

Jersey, 1991, Auvergne plotting against Napoleon (1803)

Jersey, 1991, Execution of Cadoudal

Jersey, 1991, HMS Surly (cutter) attacking French Convoy

Jersey, 1991, Auvergne's Last Days in London

Malta, 1965, French occupation of Malta

Malta, 1988, Light Infantry private, 1800

Malta, 1988, Coast Artillery gunner, 1802

Malta, 1988, Ist Maltese Provincial Battalion field officer

Malta, 1988, Royal Malta Regiment subaltern, 1809

Malta, 1989, Officer of the Maltese veterans, 1815

Malta, 1997, Hompesch Arch, Ferdinand von Hompesch

Malta, 1998, Ferdinand von Hompesch

Malta, 1998, French siege of Malta

Malta, 1998, French Landing at Malta

Malta, 1998, Napoleon

Malta, 1999, Mikiel Xerri

Malta, 1999, Heroes of Malta

Malta, 1999, General de Vabois

Malta, 1999, Alexander Ball

Polish corpus in Italy, 1945, Polish soldiers

Polish corpus in Italy, 1945, Polish soldiers

Polish corpus in Italy, 1945, Polish soldiers

S. M. O. M., 1993, Pavel I

S. M. O. M., 1993, Ferdinand von Hompesch

S. M. O. M., 2005, Ferdinand von Hompesch

San-Marino, 1982, Napoleon in San Marino

San-Marino, 1982, Lavoisier

San-Marino, 1982, Notre Dame de Paris

San-Marino, 1989, The Tennis Court Oath

San-Marino, 1989, Army of Napoleon

San-Marino, 1991, Brandenburg Gate and Dove

San-Marino, 1993, France. Napoleon

San-Marino, 2000, Napoleon's offer to extend territory

San-Marino, 2007, Statue of Paolina Borghese Bonaparte

San-Marino, 2008, Count d'Argout

Vatican, 1953, Pius VI

Vatican, 1958, Pius VI

Vatican, 1958, Pius VII

Vatican, 1981, Notre-Dame

Vatican, 1997, John Paul II, Brandenburg Gate

Vatican, 2000, Pius VI

Vatican, 2003, Brandenburg Gate

Vatican, 2007, Goldoni, actors and Notre-Dame

Vatican, 2007, Brandenburg Gate

Vatican, 2010, Moscow's Burning


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