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Honoré V Grimaldi

Honoré V Grimaldi (1778—1841)

Honoré V Grimaldi, Prince de Monaco was the son of Honoré IV Grimaldi, Prince de Monaco and Louise d'Aumont. He was born in 1778. He died in 1841. He succeeded to the title of Prince Honoré V de Monaco in 1819. In the age of 21 years prince Honore has acted on service in French cavalry. In a rank of the second lieutenant served as... More...

Monaco, 1942, Honore V

Monaco, 1977, Honore V

Monaco, 1987, Honore V Silver Coin

Monaco, 1997, Honore V, Napoleon

Monaco, 1997, Honore V

Monaco, 2004, Napoleon, Princes Honore-Gabriel and Joseph

Monaco, 2008, Coin of Honore V

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