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Johann Archduke

Johann Archduke (1782—1859)

The younger brother of Francis I and the Archduke Charles, Archduke John was an inexperienced and average soldier who owed his command to his royal connections. His first task as an army commander was in 1800 against the French in Germany. His lack of experience cost the Austrians dearly at Hohenlinden. During the Danube Campaign in 1809, John managed a victory over Eugene Beauharnais at Sacile, but lost the rematch at Raab. After Wagram, his brother Charles blamed his late arrival at the battle for the Austrian defeat and worsened relations between the pair.

Austria, 1959, Archducke Johann

Austria, 1984, Archducke Johann

Austria, 1984.05.11, Graz. Meran Palace


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