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Lichtenstein Johann Josef von

Lichtenstein Johann Josef von (1760—1836)

Sovereign prince the ruler of Lichtenstein by the name of Hans I (1805-1836), duke to Tropau and Yagendorf, field marshal (1809). Begin the service into 1782 Lieutenants in the Austrian kirasir regiment. In 1794 for the differences in the battles against the Frenchmen in the Rhine it is produced in Major-Generals. Played the decisive role in the... More...

Ajman, 1971, Napoleon after Austerlitz

Ajman, 1971, Ulm

Central African Republic, 1969, Napoleon meeting Francis II

Fujeira, 1972, Napoleon meet Franz II

Fujeira, 1972, Napoleon meet Franz II

Guinea, 1994, Prince de Lichtenstein, Battle of Austerlitz

Liechtenstein, 1920, Prince Johann I

Liechtenstein, 1942, Prince Johann I

Liechtenstein, 2002, Stamp with Prince Johann I

Liechtenstein, 2006, Johann I

Rwanda, 1969, Napoleon meeting Francis II


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