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Quilliam John

Quilliam John (17711829)

John Quilliam was born at Marown in 1771. He was taken by the press gang, and joined the Royal Navy. He showed great merit, rising through the ranks and coming to the attention of Lord Nelson, who requested he serve aboard his flagship HMS Victory. At the Battle of Trafalgar when the Victorys steering gear was shot away, Quilliam devised a temporary method of steering the ship. Later, with the prize money which he was awarded following the battle, he returned to the Isle of Man and purchased property. For a number of years he served as a member of the House of Keys.

Isle of Man, 1979, John Quilliam seized by Press Gang

Isle of Man, 1979, Steering HMS Victory, Battle of Trafalgar

Isle of Man, 1979, John Quilliam and HMS Spencer

Isle of Man, 1979, Captain John Quilliam (members of the House of Keys)

Isle of Man, 2000, John Quilliam and Lord Nelson, Battle of Trafalgar

Isle of Man, 2005, John Quilliam and Lord Nelson; Steering HMS Victory


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