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Wilks Mark

Wilks Mark (1769—1831)

Following a distinguished career in the British Army in India and Governorship of St Helen (where he was responsible for the captive Napoleon), Wilkes became a Member of the Keys in 1816 and Speaker in 1823, following the death of his father-in-law, Major John Taubman. He played a major part in the ongoing disputes between the Keys and the Island's Governor, the 4th Duke of Atholl.

Isle of Man, 1981, Lt. Mark Wilks and Peel Castle

Isle of Man, 1981, Ensign Mark Wilks and Fort St. George, Madras

Isle of Man, 1981, Governor Mark Wilks and Napoleon, St. Helena

Isle of Man, 1981, Col. Mark Wilks and Estate, Kirby


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