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Szechenyi István

Szechenyi István (17911860)

Hungarian reformer and writer. Born to an aristocratic Hungarian family, he fought against Napoleon and then traveled extensively in Europe. He returned to Budapest to found the Hungarian National Academy of Sciences (1825) and wrote several works that called for economic reforms and urged the nobility to pay taxes to modernize Hungary. He led... More...

Hungary, 1932, István Szechenyi

Hungary, 1941, István Szechenyi

Hungary, 1941, István Szechenyi and Academy of Science

Hungary, 1941, Giant opening Straits of Kazan

Hungary, 1941, Budapest Chain Bridge

Hungary, 1941, Locomotive and Szent Istvan

Hungary, 1966, István Szechenyi

Hungary, 1975, Istvan Szecheyi

Hungary, 1976, Banknotes of 1925 and 1975

Hungary, 1977, Horse and István Szechenyi

Hungary, 1991, István Szechenyi

Hungary, 2001, István Szechenyi and Bridge

Hungary, 1966.05.03, Budapest. Istvan Szechenyi

Hungary, 1987.05.15, Gyor. Szechenyi

Hungary, 1991.09.06, Budapest. Istvan Szechenyi

Hungary, 2007.07.20, Hungarian postage stamps


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