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Zagoskin (Загоскин) Mikhail Nikolaevich

Zagoskin (Загоскин) Mikhail Nikolaevich (1789—1852)

The writer, the author of historical novels, the playwright, the member of the Petersburg Academy of sciences. The participant of Domestic war. In August 1812 has entered the Petersburg militia served in the case of general VWitgenstein. In battle near Polotsk has received heavy wound. After treatment participated in foreign campaigns of Russian army 1813-1814. The author of the first book about Domestic war "Roslavlev, or Russian in 1812" (1831).

USSR, 1989.07.25, Ramzay. Birth Bicentenary of Zagoskin

USSR, 1989, Mikhail Zagoskin, Moskow fire


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