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Muraviov-Apostol (Муравьев-Апостол) Matvey Ivanovich

Muraviov-Apostol (Муравьев-Апостол) Matvey Ivanovich (1793—1886)

The Senior brother of executions Decembrist Sergey Muraivev-Apostol. The lieutenant colonel of Poltava infantry regiment. He was the participant of Domestic war, the Borodino battle and foreign campaigns 1813-1814. he was awarded by the distinction of the Military award, St. Anna's award of 4-th item and A cross of Kulm.

The Member of "The Union of rescue", "The Union of prosperity" and the Southern society. He was the participant of revolt of Chernigov regiment. He was condemned to 20 years of prison.

Russia, 2000, Moskow. House of Muraviov-Apostol


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