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Muraviov-Apostol (ћуравьев-јпостол) Sergey Ivanovich

Muraviov-Apostol (ћуравьев-јпостол) Sergey Ivanovich (1795Ч1826)

Russian army officer and republican, executed for his leading role in the Decembrist (Dekabrist) uprising of 1825Ц26. The son of a diplomat and writer, Muraviov-Apostol graduated from the St. Petersburg Institute of Railway Engineers and fought against the French invasion of Russia in 1812.

USSR, 1925, Decembrists

USSR, 1950, Decembrists

USSR, 1975, Decembrists on Senate Square

Russia, 2000, Moskow. House of Muraviov-Apostol

Russia, 2005, Decemberists

USSR, 1975, 150th Anniv of Decembrists Rebellion

USSR, 1988, Vasilkov, decembrists monument

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