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Orlov (Орлов) Mikhail Fedorovich

Orlov (Орлов) Mikhail Fedorovich (1788—1842)

Mikhail Orlov took a most active part in the Napoleonic wars and received the rank of general-major upon returning to Russia in 1814. A friend of Alexander Pushkin and convinced liberal himself, he now concentrated his attention on the projects for emancipation of the serfs and introduction of republican government in Russia. Since 1818, he was in charge of the Kishinev section of the Decembrist society. After the revolt failed, he was arrested but presently released on bail, through his brother's mediation. Thereupon he settled in Moscow and published a pioneering study of the state credit.

USSR, 1949, Pushkin reading his poems to Southern Society

USSR, 1949, Pushkin reading his poems to Southern Society


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