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Raevskiy (Раевский) Vladimir Fedoseevich

Raevskiy (Раевский) Vladimir Fedoseevich (1795—1872)

The major of 32-nd regiment, the poet. He was the participant of Domestic war and foreign campaigns 1813-1814. Awarded by a gold sword with an inscription " For bravery" (for the Borodino battle),

He was the “First decembrist ", a member of "the Union of prosperity " and the Southern society. In 1822 for propagation among the soldier has been concluded in a fortress. In 1827-1856 lived on settlement in Irkutsk province.

Transnistria, 2007, Bust of Raevsky in Tiraspol

Russia, 1995.04.08, Bogoslovka. Vladimir Raevsky

Russia, 1995, Birth Bicentenary of Vladimir Raevsky


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