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Shilling von Kanschtadt (Шиллинг фон Канштадт) Pavel Lvovich

Shilling von Kanschtadt (Шиллинг фон Канштадт) Pavel Lvovich (1787—1837)

Pavel Shilling von Kanschtadt was the Diplomat, the orientalist, the electrical engineer, the organizer of the first in Russia lithograph, the inventor of an electric mine (1828) and electromagnetic telegraph (1828). He writhed researches on history and languages of people of Asia. He has collected an extensive collection of east manuscripts.

During Domestic war he was in army. For the courage and heroism shown in fights he was awarded by a sable "For bravery". With Russian armies he had entered in 1814 into Paris. He had left army in connection with the termination of military actions.

USSR, 1982, Pavel Shilling


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