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Krylov () Ivan Andreevich
The Wolf on a kennel

Krylov () Ivan Andreevich (17691844) The Wolf on a kennel

Products of the well-known fabulist were written without delay events. To Domestic war are devoted a fables "The Raven and The Hen", "The Wolf on a kennel ", "Transport", " The Pike and a Cat ". According to Batyushkov, all in army knew its fable recited. Special popularity in people was received with a fable "The Wolf on a kennel". All understood, that Krylov derides attempts of Napoleon to enter peace talks when its dangerous position became obvious. Eyewitnesses tell, that the fable has very much liked Kutuzov, and he read it aloud to officers.

USSR, 1959, Ivan Krilov, The Wolf on a kennel


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