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Tarle () Yevgeny Viktorovich

Tarle () Yevgeny Viktorovich (18741955)Napoleon

Yevgeny Tarle was a Soviet historian and academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is known for his books about Napoleon's invasion of Russia and on the Crimean War that glorified military heroism of Russia and Russians, and many other works. Yevgeny Tarle is one of the founders of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations Russia's diplomatic university.

Napoleon's Invasion of Russia, 1812 (1938); Borodino; Napoleon; Town of Russian fame. Sebastopol in 18541855 (1954); Krimean War. 2 vols. (1950); Nakhimov. (1948).

Russia, 1999, 125th Birth Anniv of Tarle


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