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Palais Royal

Palais Royal

The Palais Royal is in two distinct parts : the palace itself and the galleries that surround the park on three sides. The Palais Royal was built in 1629 for Cardinal Richelieu by Le Mercier, who was also responsible for the Pavillion de l'Horloge in the Louvre and the Sorbonne. The Palais is made of two parts. One, being the palace and the other... More...

France, 1979, Camille Desmoulins addressing Crowd

France, 1989, Camille Desmoulins in Palais Royal

France, 1999, Column of Palais Royal

Madagaskar, 1989, Desmoulins' call to arms

France, Paris, post office Palais Royal

France, 1979.05.19, Paris. Palais Royal

France, 1999.12.11, Paris. Palais Royal


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