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Brock Isaac

Brock Isaac (1769—1812)

Isaac Brock was born in 1769, the same memorable year which gave birth to Napoleon and Wellington. A native of Guernsey, in the Channel Islands, he was raised the eighth son in a well-to-do family. At an early age, Brock was already being singled out as an exceptional youth. Tall, robust and athletic, he was also described as having a kind and... More...

Canada, 1969, Sir Isaac Brock and Monument at Queenston Heights

Canada, 2012, Major-General Sir Isaac Brock

Guernsey, 1969, Isaak Brock as colonel

Guernsey, 1969, Sir Isaac Brock as Major-General

Guernsey, 1969, Sir Isaac Brock as Ensign

Guernsey, 1969, Arms and Flags

Guernsey, 1996, Maj.-Gen Brock on Horseback. 1812

Guernsey, 2012, Major-General Sir Isaac Brock


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