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Carrera Verdugo Jose Miguel

Carrera Verdugo Jose Miguel (1785-1821)

First chilean president. In 1806—1809 lived in Spain, participated in struggle of Spanish people against the French occupation. He overthrew the Conservative junta with his brothers, 1811. He was a military dictator, 1811-1813. He was executed on September 4, 1821 in Mendoza, Argentina.

Chili, 1910, Monument of Carrera

Chili, 1956, Jose Carrera

Chili, 1960/1961, Jose Carrera

Chili, 1973, Execution of general Carrera

Chili, 1985, Jose Carrera

Chili, 2009, Stamp with Carrera monument

Chili, 1985.10.08, Santiago. Monument to Carrera

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