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Andronikov monastery

Andronikov monastery

Man's monastery on left protect the rivers Jauza, near one of Poklonnoy mountain. It is based in 1357. The monastery repeatedly was exposed to ruins (1571, 1611, 1812); during a fire 1812 its archive was lost. After October revolution the monastery has been abolished; in its territory there was one of first camps VCHK, mainly for foreigners. In 1928 necropolis of a monastery, where were burial places of the soldiers who have lost during Northern war 1700-1721 and Domestic war 1812, has been destroyed. In 1947 the monastery is declared by reserve, about 1985 Central museum of old russian culture and arts of Andrey Rublyov.

Russia, 1997, Andronikov monastery

USSR, 1968, Museum of old Russian arts


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