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Morisset James Thomas

Morisset James Thomas (1780?1852)

Military commandant, entered the army as an ensign in the 8Oth Regiment in February 1798. He became a lieutenant in November 1800, saw service in Egypt and India, and in December 1805 purchased a captaincy in the 48th Regiment. He fought in the Peninsular war and was wounded at Albuera. ln 1817 he accompanied his regiment to New South Wales, and was promoted major in August 1819.

Morisset bitterly resented this arrangement, but the Colonial Office did not confirm Rossis customs appointment, so Darling was forced to reinstate him as superintendent of police, and in February 1829 to appoint Morisset commandant of Norfolk Island, as originally planned.

Norfolk Island, 1987, James Morisset


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