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Hardy Thomas Masterman

Hardy Thomas Masterman  (17691839)

The second son of Joseph Hardy, of Portisham, Dorset, and Nanny, daughter of Thomas Masterman of Kingston Russel, in the same county. Born in 1769, and educated at Crewkerne school, he entered the service in 1781, but returned to school in the following year at Milton Abbas, his name being retained on the ship's books.

After a period in the merchant service, he re-entered the Navy as Midshipman in 1790. Was Midshipman of Amphitrite in operations before Marseilles and Toulon, 1793. Promoted Lieutenant in 1793 on the Minerve under Nelson he was taken prisoner in an encounter with the Spanish frigates Sabina and Ceres in 1796. Was present at the victory of St. Vinvent, 1797.

Nelson had a great affection for Hardy, and the story is well known how, when he was hastening in the Minerve to join Jervis, just before the battle of St. Vincent, and hotly chased in the Straits by several Spanish men-of-war, a man fell overboard, and Hardy, then a lieutenant, was lowered in a boat to pick him up. The man, however, could not be found, nor could the boat be recovered unless the way of the frigate was checked.

The nearest Spaniard was almost within gunshot, and perhaps any other man than Nelson would have felt that the boat, even with Hardy in it, must be sacrificed to the safety of the frigate, and all that it meant to Jervis. But Nelson was not made in that mould. "By God, I'll not lose Hardy!" be exclaimed "Back the mizen-topsail." The boat was picked up, and Hardy was saved. He commanded the boats of the Minerve and Lively, and was wounded in the cutting out of the frigate Mutine, 1797, for which he was promoted Commander, and appointed by Nelson to command the Mutine.

He commanded the Mutine in Nelson's victory of the Nile, 1798, and for his services was promoted Captain in 1798, and appointed to command of the Vanguard. Served in her and the Foudroyant under Nelson in Naples and Sicily, 1798-99; and was present in his victory of Copenhagen in 1801. Flag-Captain of Victory during the blockade of Toulon, and the pursuit of the combined fleets to the West Indies and back; and Captain of the Fleet at Trafalgar, 1805.

Was a witness to Nelson's last will. Was with him when he received his mortal wound, and frequently in attendance during the hero's last hours, and at his funeral bore the "Banner of Emblems." For his services at Trafalgar he was created a baronet, received a gold medal, the thanks of Parliament, and swords of honour from the Patriotic Fund and City of London.

Was Commander-in-Chief at Lisbon 1809-12, and held the rank of Commodore of the Portuguese service; commanded a squadron on North American Station, 1812-1813; KCB 1815; commanded the yacht Princess Augusta, 1815-18; Commander-in-Chief, South American Station, 1819-24; during the War of Independence.

Colonel, Royal Marines, 1821; Rear Admiral, 1825; commanded an Experimental Squadron, 1827; First Sea Lord of Admiralty, 1830-34; GCB 1831; Governor of Greenwich Hospital, 1834; Vice-Admiral 1837; Elder Brother, Trinity House 1837; and died and was buried at Greenwich Hospital in 1839.

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