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Hompesch Ferdinand von

Hompesch Ferdinand von (1744—1805)

Grand Master Ferdinand de Hompesch, a German, was weak and irresolute. He was not the fight person to face the oncoming storm. In 1797 all Europe, with the exception of England, was at Napoleon's feet. However, the Emperor's eyes were set on the East and Egypt was to be his base of operations. For this he needed naval supremacy in the Mediterranean. The capture of Malta was essential to Napoleon and once again the island became a coveted fortress. The Maltese were prepared to resist the French but both munitions and provision were denied to them by order of the Grand Master. On June 11, 1798 Hompesch capitulated. A few days later, the Grand Master and what was left of the once proud and powerful order, left their impregnable fortress of Malta and sailed away.

Malta, 1997, Hompesch Arch, Ferdinand von Hompesch

Malta, 1998, Ferdinand von Hompesch

S. M. O. M., 1993, Ferdinand von Hompesch

S. M. O. M., 2005, Ferdinand von Hompesch

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