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Siege of Toulon
7 September to 19 December 1793

Siege of Toulon7 September to 19 December 1793

The French Revolution not only had to face external enemies, but also those within the divided France. One area that was fervently anti-revolutionary was the major port of Toulon. On 28 August 1793, the city turned itself over to the Bourbons and a British, Spanish and pro-Bourbon military force, together with naval support, occupied it. Paris reacted quickly and laid siege to the city on 7 September, with several attempts to recapture it failing through poor leadership by generals Jean Carteaux and Francois Doppet. Their poor performances led to a young Chef de Bataillon Napoleon Bonaparte scheming with political allies to replace them with General Jacques Dugommier. The new commander then agreed to plans put forward by Bonaparte to storm a key fort that would allow French artillery to bombard the British fleet anchored in the harbour. The attack occurred on 17 December, in which Bonaparte was wounded by a bayonet in the leg, and less than a day later the British fleet, under Admiral Lord Hood, sailed away. On the 19th revolutionary troops reoccupied Toulon earning Bonaparte promotion to general of brigade.

Ecuador, 1989, French Revolution

France, 1991, Toulon

France, Toulon


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