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The Madeleine is an obese Napoleonic structure on the classical temple model which was built for the emperor as yet another monument to the victory of his army.
Following many vicissitudes and changes of plan, the present building is now a windowless edifice with a Greek temple facade of Corinthian columns 20 metres high. Work on the church was begun in I764.
However, following the death of the architect in 1777 a new scheme was considered, and a Greek cross building begun. Well before its completion the revolutionary government dreamt up more rational uses for the building in progress. Napoleon decided on a Temple of Glory dedicated to the Great Army and in I806 commissioned Barthelemy Vignon to build it. After the erection of the colonnades, Louis XVIII, restored to power in I8I4, ordered that the temple be once more a church. Unlike the exterior, the interior is lavishly overdecorated. At the east end a series of frescoes celebrates heroes of Christianity in a span which includes, surprisingly, Napoleon.

France, 1954, Madeleine

France, 1989, Historic Sights

France, 2004, Madlen

Guinea, 2007, Madlene

Sharjah, 1972, Charles de Gaulle, Madeleine

France, Paris, post office Madeleine

France, 1996, Panorama of Paris

France, 2005, La Madeleine

France, 2006, Madeleine

France, 1935, Concorde and Madeleine

France, 1935, Madeleine

France, 1936, Concorde and Madeleine

France, 1936, Madeleine

France, 1989, Panorama of Paris

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